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Where the IM NCR Community Meets - November 19 & 20, 2013

** Optional workshops available on November 21st, 2013 - additional charges will apply.

Are you ready?

Be part of a growing centre of IM action. ARMA NCR IM Days is fast becoming the hub for the Information Management community in the NCR to gather, share, and learn from each other. IM Days is about fostering a community to increase the IM functional specialist's understanding of, and commitment to, IM collective objectives. Participating is about joining the discussion as the community works towards a greater role in decision making, goal setting, profit sharing, and collective action.

Make IM Days a part of your learning plan. Through seminars led by experts in their fields you will learn about emerging IM trends and topics critical to information management requirements, such as information architecture, data design, new ways to manage info; all critical elements to any and all IM Strategies going forward. IM Days seek topics and presenters that will empower any member of the Functional Specialist community

Come discover what this profession has to offer. Join the discussion and be a part of the strong IM community in the NCR. This is the place for the IM NCR community to meet.

Join your colleagues today and continue to explore how to better address IM issues in your organization, and firmly establish how to manage your business' information. See you in November at Ottawa’s Premiere Information Management event!

The Call for Presentations is NOW CLOSED!

Thank you to everyone who submitted a presentation. We will be getting in contact with you September 16-20, 2013.

We're online!

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