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Where the IM NCR Community Meets - November 18 & 19, 2014

** Optional workshops available on November 20th, 2014 - additional charges will apply. More info coming soon...

The Agenda is now LIVE!!
The 2014 IM Days Steering Committee is pleased to announce that this year's agenda is now live and online. Please click here to browse this year's sessions!

Are you ready?
Be at the centre of IM action. ARMA NCR IM Days has become the hub for the Information Management community in the NCR to gather, share, and learn from each other. IM Days is about fostering a community to increase the IM functional specialist's understanding of, and commitment to, all facets of information management for unpublished and published information resources. Participating is about joining the discussion as the community works towards a greater role in decision making, goal setting, profit sharing, and collective action. 

IM Days is about all facets of information practice
As the landscape of IM evolves so does IM Days. This year will include key-note speakers, learning sessions and workshops on information and library science. Come to learn about and discuss how both records managers and librarians are adapting to new environments and creating links between their traditional roles.

Make IM Days a part of your learning plan.
IM Days is the ideal professional development opportunity. Through seminars led by experts in their fields you will learn about emerging trends, responses to current challenges, and new operational perspectives on topics critical to information managers, records specialists, librarians, library technicians, functional specialists, and managers responsible for IM units. IM Days seeks topics and presenters that empower any member of the information community.

See you in November
Join the discussion and be a part of the strong information community in the NCR. Join your colleagues today and continue to explore how to better address IM issues in your organization, and firmly establish how to manage your business' information. See you in November at Ottawa’s premier Information Management event!

We're Online!!

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